About the Project

Upon the agreement by the State Archives in Poznan, the Wielkopolska Genealogical Society (WTG "Gniazdo") has launched a project to transcribe and index the scans of vital records which have been made online by the Polish National Archives. The database is being created with the help of the ASIA application making it possible to unify the format and facilitating the communication between the National Archives Digital Database and our Society's resources. All volunteers are welcome to join our project.

The material collected in our database is being created by volunteers who transcribe archival documents at no fee, and the results are made available within the internet public domain. Even though the transcriptions and administration of the database is done by volunteers, and using the database is also free of charge, the whole endeavor generates certain costs and we will welcome any help you would like to provide for the development and maintenance of our project. Your contribution can be both in the form of joining the transcription team, as well as financial support which will secure the project's presence on the internet, now as well as in the future.

If you would like to participate in the transcription effort, please contact the administrator at

Thanks to all those who support the project and make it growing. The list of participants can be found on page

Language versions of this site:
- French - Barbara Jura
- German - Magdalena Betlej
- English - Łukasz Bielecki, Piotr Skałecki

Support of the project:
Maria S-M z Wwy, Krzysztof Gawron, Edward Małecki, Łukasz Jernaś, David Sobanski, Manfred Jaskowiak, Judith Zack, Vernon Hord, James Harlos, Hania Berdys